NSS Activities

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List of NSS Activities:

1. Independence Day celebration on 15/08/2009.

2. Free physiotherapy camp at Peeranwadi subcentre from 17th to 22nd august 09.

3. Teacher’s day celebrated on 5/9/2009.

4. Gandhi Jayanti celebrated on 2/10/09, a peace march was organised on the occasion.

5. Book exhibition was organised at university level & institute organised Essay & Slogan competition in association with Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal & Gandhi peace centre, Australia on 25/9/9.

6. Free physiotherapy camp conducted on 16/11/09 at Machche.

7. Free Physiotherapy Camp conducted at physiotherapy OPD, KLES Dr. PKH & MRC, Belgaum from 28th to 30th Dec 2009.

8. 10 volunteers participated in a rally organised by Nehru youth centre & Bramha kumari Ishwariya Vishwavidyalaya on 12/01/10.

9. Republic day celebrated on 26/1/2010, on the same day blood donation camp was conducted by college.

10. Ateeq-Ur-Rehman student of the institute participated in State Republic day celebration as left marker of the boys

contingency of NSS at Manekshaw parade ground which won 2nd prize at the hands of his Excellency Shri H R Bharadwaj,

Governor of Karnataka.

11. Staff & PG students participated in Free camp for chicken gunya patients held at Manjri on 28/1/10.

12. Free physiotherapy camp conducted at Peeranwadi subcentre on 28/1/10.

13. NSS Special Annual Camp, Guramatti from 23/3/2010 to 29/3/2010.

14. Free Physiotherapy Camp at Polyclinic from 15/04/2010- 17/04/2010.

15. Polio Awareness Camp, Kinaye on 15/05/2010.

16. Disability Evaluation Camp, Kinaye from 15/6/2010 to 19/6/2010.

17. Free Physiotherapy Camp at Karnataka Milk Federation (Nandini), Belgaum from 30/08/2010 to 31/08/2010.

18. Blood Donation Camp on 29/10/2010.

19. Free Physiotherapy Treatment and Check up Camp, Bailhongal from 7/12/2010 – 9/12/2010.

20. Free Physiotherapy Treatment and Check up Camp, KLE’s Dr. P. K. Hospital and MRC, Belgaum from 20/12/2010- 22/12/2010.

21. Disability Evaluation Survey, Peeranwadi from 26/12/2010 – 4/01/2011.

22. Free Physiotherapy Treatment and Check up Camp, PHC Uchgaon. from 17/01/2011 – 21/01/2011.

23. Inter Institutional NSS activity from 14/03/2011 – 19/03/2011.

24. NSS Special Annual Camp, Shivapur from 25/03/2011 – 31/03/2011.



Free Physiotherapy camp held at sub-centre Peeranwadi on 28/01/2010.Dr Soudagar medical officer, inaugurated the camp Dr Sanjiv Kumar, Principal, NSS Officer Dr Basavaraj Chandu & Dr Vijay Kage were present on the occasion. Total 72 patients took benefit of this camp.
NSS Camp, Guramatti.

  • Inauguration - 23/3/2010
  • Chief Guest - Shri Ashok Deshpande, Social Worker.


  • 24/3/2010 - Dr S M Katti, professor JNMC spoke on Mother & Child Health Care.
  • 25/3/2010 - Dr Shrishail Metgud, professor JNMC spoke on ‘First Aid’.
  • 26/3/2010 - Free Dental check up camp was conducted with the help of KLEU V K Institute of Dental Sciences, Belgaum at Iddalhond.
  • 27/3/2010 - Scheduled lecture by Dr Shivaswamy on Nutrition & Cleanliness could not be conducted as he was not available. Free medicines were distributed for pain & diarrhoea.
  • 28/3/2010- Cleanliness Awareness Programme & Disability Evaluation Survey.


  • 29/3/2010 - Soakage pit of 5x3x10 feet each was dug beside the water tank, near the school for preventing wastage of water with the help of villagers.

Pond cleaning by Physiotherapy students, staff


Pond after cleaning :



Free Physiotherapy Check-up & Treatment

Disability Survey Report

Type of Disability

No. of individuals

Percentage (%)










Hearing & Speech












Polio Awareness Camp, Kinaye

  • Inauguration- 15/05/2010.
  • In presence of Dr Saudagar, medical officer, PHC, Kinaye, Dr Sanjiv Kumar, Principal, KLEU IPT, Dr Basavaraj Chandu, KLEU IPT, Belgaum.
  • Dr. Saudagar spoke about Polio and explained about the importance of physiotherapy.
  • Our Postgraduate student explained about the role & physiotherapy treatment in Polio.

Disability Evaluation Camp, Kinaye

  • Inauguration - 15/6/2010.
  • Chief Guest - Mr.Mulimani, District NSS Nodal Officer.
  • Duration – 5 days.


Disability Evaluation Survey




  • Total number of Houses- 140.
  • Total number of subjects –
  • Males- 250
  • Females- 274.

Report of Disability Survey

Type of Disability

No. of Individuals

Percentage (%)










Hearing & Speech












Free Physiotherapy Camp at Karnataka Milk Federation (Nandini), Belgaum



Blood Donation Camp

  • Inauguration – 29/10/2010.
  • Chief Guest –
  • In the presence of Dr. Rajshekhar, Dr. Sanjiv Kumar, Principal, KIPT, Belgaum, Dr. Basavaraj Chandu, NSS Unit incharge & Associate Prof., KIPT, Belgaum & All the staff members and Students of KIPT.

Free Physiotherapy Treatment and Check up Camp, Bailhongal

  • 07/12/2010 – 09/12/2010.
  • Inauguration - 07/12/2010 at 10.00 am.
  • In the presence of Dr. V.S. Sadhunavar, Director KLE Society, Belgaum & Kittur Rani Channamma Urban Credit Co-op Society, Bailhongal was the chief guest for the function.
  • Shri. Rajshekhar. Metgud, President Rotary Club of Bailhongal, Dr. Santosh Metgud & Dr. Anand Hegannavar, Asst. Prof. KLEU Institute of Physiotherapy, Belgaum.




  • No. of patients benefited were 125.
  • Patients with the complaints of Osteoarthritis knee, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Piriformis Syndrome, Cervical & Lumbar Spondylosis, Arnold Chairi Malformation, hemiplegia, Low Back Pain, Post Fracture stiffness, Chikun Gunya, De Quervain’s disease, postural Deviations etc. took benefit of this camp & these patients also followed up for all these three days.

Free Physiotherapy Treatment and Check up Camp, KLEs Dr. P. K. Hospital and MRC, Belgaum

  • 20/12/2010- 22/12/2010.
  • Chief Guest – Dr. Col. Hosalli, Director Clinical Services, Dr. PKH & MRC, Belgaum.
  • No. of patients benefited from the camp – 91.
  • Patients with complaints of OA, RA, PIVD, cervical & Lumbar spondylosis, Hemiplegia, CP, etc took benefit of the camp.
  • Disability Evaluation Survey, Peeranwadi
  • 26/12/2011 – 04/01/2011.
  • No. of patients – 219
  • Males-89(40.63%), Females-130(59.36%)
  • It was carried out by the staff and students of KLEU IPT, Belgaum.
  • Report is as follows 

Socioeconomic status

· Grade · No of individuals · Percentage


· 24

· 10.95%

· IV

· 161

· 73.51%

· V

· 34

· 15.52%


  • Total population- 04(1.82%)
  • Neurological- 02 (0.91%)
  • Cardiovascular- 01(0.45%)
  • Visual- 01(0.45%)

Table showing people as per occupation

Occupation No of individuals Percentage
Govt employee 02 0.91%
Health profession 06 2.73%
Housewife 89 40.63%
Employee 55 25.11%
Self-employed 38 17.35%
Retired 07 3.19%
Agriculture 19 8.67%
Student 03 36%

Free Physiotherapy Treatment and Check up Camp, PHC Uchgaon

  • 17/01/2011 – 21/01/2011.
  • Inauguration - 17/01/2011.


  • No. of patients benefited from the camp – 332.
  • Patients with CP, PIVD, OA, Hemiplegia, Frozen shoulder, Tennis & Golfer’s elbow, Cervical & Lumbar Spondylosis, Ataxia etc were treated & followed up during the camp.


Inter Institutional NSS Activity

  • Our team participated in the NSS Annual camp of KLEU College of Pharmacy, Belgaum from 14th- 19th March, 2011 held at Mutaga on 16/03/2011.
  • 39 patients were evaluated & treated.
  • Dr. Basavaraj Motimath & PGs participated in this activity.
  • 11 students ( 2 first year & 9 second year BPT) participated in a special training programme organized by YOUTH FOR SEVA a NGO where they were trained to volunteer social activities at Sant Meera high school, Angol, Belgaum on 5th & 6th of march 2011.
  • 5 of these trained volunteers along with BIMS volunteers performed a survey of 100 houses in shivbasavanagar, Belgaum, to find out about health, education & socio-economic status of residents.

NSS Special Annual Camp, Shivapur

  • 25/03/2011 – 31/03/2011.
  • Inauguration – 25/03/2011.


  • Chief Guest – Shri Suresh Hanji, President SDMT, Shivapur.
  • Guest of Honor – Shri S. M. Ladi, PDS distributor, Shivapur.
  • President – Dr. Sanjiv Kumar, Principal, KLEU IPT, Belgaum.


  • Physiotherapy check-up & treatment was done on all 7 days.
  • 26/03/2011 – Awareness programmes to farmers regarding Organic farming & Environment Protection by Dr. S. N. Mulimani, NSS District Nodal Officer, Belgaum in the evening.


  • 27/03/2011 – Disability Evaluation Survey by Physiotherapy students


  • 28/03/2011 – Awareness amongst villagers regarding ‘First Aid Treatment’ by Dr. Shrishail Metgud, Prof. Surgery Dept. , JNMC, Belgaum. · 29/03/2011 – Ophthalmology check-up Camp by staff Dr. Smitha. S & PGs Dr. Mrunali Dhavalikar & Dr. Prachi Chavan. · 20 patients were assessed. · 30/03/2011 – A Free Dental Check Up Camp was conducted for the villagers & 40 patients took benefit of it. Dr. Nikhil Hadli & team were the part of this Dental check up team. · 31/03/2011 – Physiotherapy check up & treatment were continued and the Disability evaluation Survey was also carried out on this day by the physiotherapy students.
  • Total No. of patients – 200.
  • Physiotherapy – 140.
  • Ophthalmology – 20.
  • Dental – 40. · No. of houses Surveyed – 80.
  • Total no. of individuals – 150.
  • Male: Female = 62:88
  • No. of impaired/ disabled individuals – 90.

Type of Impairment/ Disability

No. of Individuals

Percentage (%)










Hearing & Speech












  • NSS Unit participated in all University level activities- - Independence day

- Teachers’ day
- Gandhi Jayanti.
- Republic day.



Free Physiotherapy camp on low back ache - Uchagaov

17th to 22nd January 2011

“Free Eye check-up camp” NSS annual camp

25th to 31st March 2011

Free Physiotherapy Camp, Yamanapur

28th to 30th June 2011

Free Physiotherapy   Camp , Bailhongal

14th July 2011

Free Physiotherapy Camp, Teragundi Polyclinic, Belgaum

1st to 6th August 2011

NSS unit of KLEUIPT conducted “Blood donation camp” in association with blood bank of KLES Dr. P.K.Hospital & MRC, Belgaum

5th November 2011

Disability screening for children’s of disabled schools (Aradhana, Ajay/Govt Deaf & Dumb School & Maheshwari Blind School) Belgaum.

3rd Week of November

NSS unit of KLEUIPT conducted physiotherapy services for sports for the specially abled children - Nagnur Kannada School, Belgaum.

2nd December 2011

NSS unit of KLEUIPT conducted Rally on “World day for Disabled”

3rd December 2011

Screening for Prosthesis & Orthosis

3rd December 2011

Distribution of free aids & appliances

3rd December 2011

National Youth Day Celebration

12th January 2012

Visit to Shri Swami Vivekanand Paristhan [Orphanage], Veerabhadra Nagar, Belgaum.

14th January 2012

Visit to Aadhar Orphanage, Kanbargi

15th January 2012

Free Physiotherapy Checkup & treatment camp at B.K.Kangrali Village

18th to 20th January 2012

7 Days NSS Annual Camp at Kakati Village Shri Sarvajanik Ganeshtsava Mandal Holi Cowk

25th February to 2nd March 2012

NSS Unit of KIPT conducted Rally on “World Water Day”

22nd March 2012

4 Days Free Physiotherapy Check – up & treatment camp at Marihal Village, Belgaum

23rd to 26th July 2012

“World Physiotherapy Day” (Rally) & Physiotherapy Awareness Exhibition

8th September 2012

Old Age Home Visit

29 September 2012

Awareness program on “Role of exercise and prevention in life style modification for common medical & surgical conditions”

18th October 2012.

NSS unit of KLEUIPT conducted “Blood Donation Camp” in association with blood bank of KLES Dr. P.K.Hospital & MRC, Belgaum

29th October 2012

Free Physiotherapy Checkup & treatment camp at Bailhongal

23rd & 24th November 2012

World Disability Day

3rd December 2012

7 days NSS Special Annual Camp - Mutaga

4th to 10th February 2013

State Level NSS camp at Basarikatti

13th February 2013

Poster Awareness Program on PVD

25th February 2013

NSS unit of KLEUIPT conducted 2 days Free Physiotherapy Camp, Munvalli

3rd & 4th March 2013

Community Physiotherapy dept of KLEUIPT, Giants group of yaragatti & Govt Hospital of yaragatti together organized an Free Physiotherapy check up & treatment camp at Govt Hospital , Yaragatti

17th March2013

NSS unit of KLEUIPT conducted Rally on “World Water Day” from chennamma circle to Institute premises

22nd March 2013

NSS unit of KLEUIPT conducted Guest Lecture on “Rain Water Harvesting

22nd March 2013

Free Camp for Inner wheel club of Belgaum at Mahila Vidyalaya English Medium School

15th to 19th April 2013

Orthopaedic Physiotherapy & Manual Therapy Free Camp at Urban Health Centre, Rukmini Nagar, Belgaum

29th & 30th April 2013

“Free Physiotherapy evaluation & treatment services” The camp was conducted on the occasion of 66th Birthday of Shri. Dr. Prabhakar Kore, Chairman, KLE Society, Belgaum.

4th August 2013

Free physiotherapy camp in Urban Health Care Centre, Rukmini nagar, Belgaum.

19th to 21st August 2013

Physiotherapy Awareness Exhibition

7th September 2013

“World Physiotherapy Day” (Rally)

8th September 2013

NSS unit of KLEUIPT conducted “Blood Donation Camp” in association with blood bank of KLES Dr. P.K. Hospital & MRC, Belgaum

20th September 2013

Rally on “World Disability Day”

3rd December 2013

Physiotherapy screening camp & awareness program on Musculoskeletal Disorders in Industrial workers at HLL factory premises, Kanagrali

13th December 2013

Lingaraj Jayanthi Celebration

10th January 2014

7 days NSS Special Annual Camp –

Guranatti Village

3rd to 9th February 2014

Free Physiotherapy Camp conducted at Kannur Khurd Organized by NSS Department

9th March 2014

NSS unit of KLEUIPT conducted Rally on “World Water Day” from chennamma circle to Institute premises

22nd March 2014

Rally on “World Hypertension Day”   Conducted by NSS Department

17th May 2014

NSS Unit of KLEU, Institute of Physiotherapy Belgaum organized a program on No smoker’s day.

12th March 2014

Lomax Old age home visit by KLEU Institute of Physiotherapy students and staff.

16th April 2014.

Firefighting technique demonstration by Parth enterprise at KLES Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital.

29th April 2014

NSS unit of KLE’S Institute Of Physiotherapy has organized program on WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY

31st May 2014

NSS Unit of KLEU, Institute of Physiotherapy, celebrated “WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY”

5th June 2014.

Three days Free Physiotherapy camp was conducted at Veerbhadhadreshwar temple Police Headquarters Belgaum. 500 patients were treated with different problems.

14th June 2014

“Free Physiotherapy Camp”, in association with “Prakruti Foundation” at Government Kannada Medium School, Angol.

20th July 2014

“Blood donation Camp”

9th Aug 2014

‘Vanamohatsava Day”

9th August 2014

World Physiotherapy Day

8th September 2014

NSS Unit of KLEU, Institute of Physiotherapy, Belgaum observed World Physiotherapy Day on Tree Plantation program was held within the Institute premises and about 70 saplings were planted

8th September 2014

NSS Unit of KLEU, Institute of Physiotherapy, Belgaum on the Poster exhibition Program at KLES Dr P K Hospital and MRC, Belgaum.    

8th September 2014

Guest lecture was organized by NSS Unit of KLEU, Institute of Physiotherapy, Belgaum.   Postcard campaign towards independent council forwarded to health minister India.

8th September 2014

NSS day                                                                              

25th September 2014

Adventure camp at Hatkoti

10th to 23rd September

Swach Bharat Abhiyaan


2nd October 2014

National Unity Day

31st October 2014.

International Toilet Day                                                     

19th November 2014

World Disability Day

3rd December 2014

Lingaraj Jayanti

10th January 2015

National Youth Day

12th January 2015

Pulse Polio Immunization program

18th January 2015

National Voters Day Program

25th January 2015

Annual mega camp from at Bemberga

27th January to 2nd February 2015

International Women’s day

13th March 2015

‘No Smoking Day’

12th March 2015

Swach Bharat

24th April 2015

Five days Free Physiotherapy camp at Centanery Charitable Trust Hospital Yellur, Belagavi

5th to 9th May 2015

World Environment Day

9th June 2015

World Environment Day Poster Awareness Program

10thJune 2015

International Day of Yoga  

21st June 2015

World Physiotherapy Day

8th   September 2015

Sapling plantation program

8th   September 2015

World Physiotherapy Day, A street play

8th of September 2015


25th September 2015

Adventure Camp at Shimla

16th to 25th November 2015

Essay competition on the occasion of 1st Constitution Day

26th November 2015

Pictorial Exhibition on the life & works of Dr. B. R Ambedkar, Guest Lecture on the topic “Philosophy of Constitution”

26th November 2015

World AIDS Day

1st December 2015

International Day for Persons with Disability

3rd December 2015

Open cricket tournament for visually Impaired organized by Samarthanam Trust for Disabled, Belagavi

08th to 10th of January 2016

Pulse Polio Immunization

17th January 2016

National Youth Day

23rdJanuary 2016

Annual Mega Camp at Sulaga village

22nd to 28th February 2016

International Women’s Day at Central Prison, Women cell, Hindalga

10th Mar 2016

No Smoking Day

12th Mar 2016

World Health Day

04th Apr 2016

World Hypertension Day

17thMay 2016

No Tobacco Day at Sulaga

7th June 2016

World Blood Donor’s Day at Chetana PU College, Belagavi

14th June 2016

International Day for Yoga

21st June 2016

Independence Day

15th August 2016

Azadi 70

20th August 2016

Swachta Shapath

27th August 2016

Swachta Pakhwara

27th August 2016

World Physiotherapy Day

8th September 2016


8th September 2016


24th September 2016

Gandhi Jayanti

3rd October 2016

Centenary Celebrations Swach Belagavi

10th November 2016

Children’s Day

14th November 2016

Constitution Day

26th November 2016

World AIDS Day

1st December 2016

International Day for Persons with Disability

3rd December 2016