Student Research

1 Comparative Effectiveness Of Open Kinetic Chain Exercises And Closed Kinetic Chain Exercises In Patients With Osteoarthritis Of The Knee Ravi Arora Vijay Kage
2 A Six Week Proprioceptive Exercise Program In Patients With Total Knee Arthroplasty And Its Effect On Functional Outcome, Pain And Joint Position Sense – A Rct Zarna Mahesh Mehta Santosh Metgud
3 Comparative Effectiveness Of Static And Dynamic Neck Strengthening Exercise In Chronic Neck Pain – A Randomized Clinical Trial Dhaval Ajit Chivate Vijay Kage
4 A 15 Days Randomised Clinical Trial To Compare The Effectiveness Of Low Level Laser Therapy And High Voltage Pulse Galvanic Current In Acceleration Of Pressure Ulcer Healing Using Planimetry And Autocad Software. Darshana Shetye Santosh Metgud
5 Comparative Effectiveness Of Muscle Energy Technique And Soft Tissue Mobilisation Of Subscapularis For Improving External Rotation In Treatment Of Frozen Shoulder – A Randomized Clinical Trial. Gouravi Anil Vengurlekar Vijay Kage
6 Effect Of Post Isometric Relaxation Versus Mulligan’s Bent Leg Raise In Young Adults With Hamstring Tightness – A Randomized Clinical Trial Meera.N. Kamdar Santosh Metgud
7 Comparative Effectiveness Of Muscle Energy Technique And Inhibitive Distraction To Improve The Active Range Of Cervical Movements In Patients With Non – Specific Neck Pain Martin. Y.


Vijay Kage
8 A Randomized Trial To Compare Feldenkrais Method And Maitland’s Mobilisation In Chronic Low Back Pain Rahul Raosahab Kukade Santosh Metgud
9 Screening For Scoliosis In Pre And Post Adolescent School Children In Belgaum City – A Cross Sectional Study Pallavi.V.


Snehal Dharmayat
10 Comparison Of The Cardiovascular Fitness Of Children 13 – 16 Years Of Age From Rural And Urban Areas Of Belgaum District- A Cross Sectional Study Neha Kulkarni Arati Ramannavar
11 Comparing The Non Verbal Learning Difficulties In Pre Schoolers Born Preterm To The Full Term Born Peers – A Case Control Study. Yashodha


Deepa Metgud
12 Effectiveness Of Kinesio Taping In Spastic Cerebral Palsy Children To Reduce Drooling – A Randomized Control Trial. Shukra.A.


Deepa Metgud
13 Effectiveness Of Mirror Therapy To Improve Hand Function In Sub-Acute And Chronic Stroke Patients- A Randomized Controlled Trial. Naimish Kumar Panda Jeba Chitra
14 Comparision Of Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation And Visual Cueing In Acute Hemiplegic Stroke – A Randomized Controlled Trial Swati Chouhan Sanjiv Kumar
15 “4 Weeks Task Specific Training To Improve Postural Control & Balance In Subacute & Chronic Stroke – A Randomized Control Trial” Nandini.B.


Jeba Chitra
16 “Comparative Study Of Effectiveness Of Combined Cognitive & Motor Therapy & Motor Therapy Alone In Acute Post Stroke (Hemiplegic) Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial” Venu Dombale Sanjiv Kumar
17 A 8 Week Comparitive Study Of Golub’s Exercises Versus Aerobic Exercises In Primary Dysmenorhea In High School Girls In Belgaum City – A Randomized Clinical Trial. Priyanka.


Basavaraj Chandu
18 Comparative Effect Of Ultrasound Therapy With Conventional Therapy On Breast Engorgement In Immediate Post-Partum Mothers – A Randomized Control Trial. Priyanka


Basavaraj Chandu
19 Functional Outcome In Below Knee Amputees Using Prosthesis – A Prospective Descriptive Study. Ashwin .A. Shinde Basavaraj Chandu
20 Comparison Of Cyriax Type Of Physiotherapy And Taping Technique In Subjects With Tennis Elbow – Randomized Clinical Trial Ashish John Prabhakar Vijay Kage
21 Effectiveness Of Medial Mulligan Glide And Internal Rotation Mulligan Glide In Knee Osteoarthritis – Randomized Clinical Trial Dharmesh Rajendra Solanki Vijay Kage
22 To Study The Effectiveness Of Dyele Stretching Protocol On Knee Extension Force With Hand Held Dynamometer On Knee Osteoarthritis Patients – Randomized Control Trial Meghna.N.


Vijay Kage
23 Comparison Between Postero-Anterior Spinal Mobilisation And Prone Press Ups In Non Specific Low Back Pain – A Randomized Clinical Trial Shlesha.G.


Vijay Kage
24 Effect Of Continuous Passive Motion, Joint Mobilization And Their Combination In Knee Joint Stiffness Anilkumar Santosh Metgud
25 Comparative Effectiveness Of Stretching And Met On Blood Lactate Levels In Hamstring Tightness -Rct Anjana Aggarwal Santosh Metgud
26 Outcome Of Two Weeks Treatment With Tens,Exercises,Mobilization And Muscle Energy Technique In Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction – A Randomized Controlled Trial Neeraj.A. Athavale Santosh Metgud
27 Comparison Of Trunk Muscle Stabilization And Muscle Energy Technique – A Randomized Clinical Trial Ronald.A.


Santosh Metgud
28 A Comparative Study On The Effect Of Resistance Training And Pnf To Improve Balance In Parkinson’s Patients – A Randomized Clinical Trial Arpita Christanand Gholap Jeba Chitra
29 A Comparative Study On The Effect Of Mime Therapy And Pnf Technique In Acute Bell’s Palsy Patients – A Randomised Clinical Trial Ateequeur – Raheman Rangrez Jeba Chitra
30 A Comparision Of Bobath And Motor Relearning Program For Improvement In Gait Parameters In Patients With Stroke – Randomized Clinical Trial Rainy Bhuyan Sanjiv Kumar
31 A Comparitive Study Of Faradic Muscle Stimulation With Myofascial Release And Faradic Muscle Stimulation With Passive Stroke Patients – Randomized Control Trial Siddhima

.P. Adhyapak

Sanjiv Kumar
32 Comparative Effectiveness Of Plyometric Resistive Exercise And Wobble Board Training In Individuals With Ankle Sprain – A Randomized Clinical Trail Amit Pal Arati Ramannavar
33 Comparative Analysis Of 4 Weeks Agility Training Program And Plyometric Training On Agility In Badminton Players – Randomised Clinical Trial Isha Joshi Arati Ramannavar
34 Comparative Study Of 4 Week Dynamic Balance Training Program Using Multidirectional Balance Board And Bosu Ball In Football Playears – Randomized Clinical Trial Nisha Joshi Arati Ramannavar
35 A 4 Week Core Stability Exercise Programme Using Swiss Ball, Theraband And Floor Exercises In Cricketers With Low Back Ache – A Randomized Clinical Trail Varun.C.


Arati Ramannavar
36 A Comparative Study On Autogenic Drainage And Purse Lip Breathing Versus Active Cycle Breathing Technique In Hospitalized Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients – Rct Anjali Kulkarni Ganesh


37 Early Exercises And Safe Mobility Programme To Prevent Critical Illness Myopathy In Patients Admitted To Intensive Care Units – A Clinical Trial Smruti Zala Renu pattanshetty
38 Effectiveness Of Pulsed Short Wave Diathemy And Pulsed Ultrasound In Chronic Hemophilic Synovitis Of The Knee Joint In Children – A Comparative Study Namyata


39 A Comparative Study Of Cyriax Manipulation And Kaltenborn Mobilization On Abduction And External Rotation Range In Frozen Shoulder – A Randomized Controlled Trial Mayur Ashok Ajmera Anand Heggannavar
40 Comparative Study Of Mulligan’s Mobilization With Movement Versus Kaltenborn Mobilization On Shoulder Impairment In Women Operated For Breast Cancer – A Randomized Controlled Trial Ashwini.V.


Anand Heggannavar
41 Mulligan’s Spinal Mobilization With Leg Movement And Butler’s Neural Mobilisation For Sciatic Nerve In Lumber Radiculopathy – A Randomized Controlled Trial Sharvari .P.Joshi Santosh Metgud
42 Effect Of Mobilization, Muscle Energy Technique, In The Treatment Of Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction In Immediate Postpartum Women – A Randomized Controlled Trial Tejas.S.


Santosh Metgud
43 Effectiveness Of Cognitive Rehabilitation In Patients With Frontal And Temporal Tumors Undergoing Chemotherapy And Radiation Therapy – An Experimental Design. Lakshmi.


Jeba Chitra
44 Effect Of Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation On Balance In Individuals With Diabetic Sensorimotor Neuropathy – An Experimental Study Shruti.R.


Jeba Chitra
45 Effect Of Constraint Induced Movement Therapy Verses Motor Relearning Programme For Upper Extrimity Function In Sub Acute Hemeparetic Patients – A Randomized Clinical Trial Mithil.V.


Sanjiv Kumar
46 Effect Of Cognitive Rehabilitation For Mild Cognitive Impairement In Geriatric Population With Early Onset Hypertension – Pre Post Test Design Shamim Bano Iqbal Shaikh Sanjiv Kumar
47 Effect  Of An Early Motor Developmental Intervention Program In Preterm Infants On Motor Outcome Using Test Of Infants Motor Performance – Randomised Controlled Trial Divyashree.


Deepa metgud
48 Effect Of Lung Squeeze Technique And Reflex Rolling On Oxygenation In Preterm Neonates With Respiratory Problems – A Randomized Controlled Trial Jaitty.S.Kole Deepa metgud
49 Use Of Medicine Ball For Strength Training In Male And Female Adolescents Of Belgaum City – A Clinical Trial Rutika Patil Snehal dharmayat
50 Ages And Stages Questionnaire As A Predictor Of Neuromotor Outcome Of Term Infants With Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy – An Observational Study Gunupudi Kiranmayi Snehal dharmayat
51 Comparative Effectiveness Of Stabilization Exercises Versus Plyometric Exercises On Swimming Performance – A Randomized Clinical Trial Khaja Fareeduddin Basavaraj Motimath
52 Incidence Of Female Athletic Triad In Urban And Rural Athletes Of Belgaum – An Exploratory Study Neha Vijaykumar Somani Basavaraj Motimath
53 Comparative Effect Of 2 Weeks Of Dynamic And Static Stretching Warm Up On Power And Agility In Recreational Female Badminton Players: A Randomized Controlled Trial Mrinal Gaikwad Basavaraj Chandu
54 Internal Versus External Mental Imagery Combined With Physical Practice On Performance In Recreational Golfers – A Randomised Controlled Trial Priyank.A.


Peeyoosha nitsure
55 Effect Of Self Mobilization And Mulligan Mobilization In Mechanical Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction – A Comparative Study Aisha Basavaraj Chandu
56 Comparative Effectiveness Of Gong, Maitland And Mulligan Mobilisation To Improve The Shoulder Abduction Range Of Motion In Subjects With Frozen Shoulder – A Randomized Clinical Trial Andre Mascarenhas Vijay Kage
57 Comparison Of Adductor Stretch Mobilization  With Movement And Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Stretching In Healthy Young Adults With Hip Adductor Tightness – Randomized Clinical Trial Amrita. S. Hiremath Vijay Kage
58 Visible Red Versus Infra Red Low Level Laser Therapy In Gingivitis – A Double Blinded Randomised Controlled Trial Pallavi Gaikwad Peeyoosha nitsure
59 Comparison Of Cardiovascular Responses To Sustain Hand Grip And Valsalva Manuever During Sitting And Lying Positions In Normal Individuals. Dipali Patel Ganesh B.R.
60 Effectiveness Of Alternate Nostril Breathing Vs Slow Breathing Excersise In Mild To Moderate Hypertensive Patients – A Randomized Control Trial Nathasha Devidas Ganesh B.R.
61 Impact Of Physiotherapist – Designed Supervised Exercise Protocol On Muscle Strength, Flexibility And Autonomic Parameters In Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus – A Clinical Trial Santosh Premsing Dobhal Renu pattanshetty
62 A Randomised Clinical Trial To Evaluate The Effect Of Therapeutic Ultrasound And Low Level Laser Therapy For Perineal Pain Following Vaginal Delivery With Episiotomy Ashwini Chougala Arati mahishale
63 Effect Of Pelvic Girdle Exercises And Aerobic Exercises During Perimenstrual Period In Primary Dysmenorrhea – A Comparative Study Dinika Mascarenhas Arati mahishale
64 A Randomized Clinical Trial To Compare The Effect Of Upper Thoracic Mobilization, Natural Apophyseal Glides And Translatoric Mobilization In Chronic Neck Pain Aditya Tamboli Santosh Metgud
65 Effect Of Mulligan Mwm Versus Muscle Energy Technique Instage Two Of Adhesive Capsulitis –  Rct Bangaru Chakradhar Reddy Santosh Metgud
66 Effect Of Thoracic & Rib Manipulation On Pain & Restricted Shoulder Mobility In Subjects With Frozen Shoulder – A Randomized Clinical Trial Chitroda Jyotsna Vinod Anand Heggannavar
67 Quantitative Effects Of Proprioceptive Exercises And Mulligan’s Mwm In Subjects With Osteoarthritis Of Knee-A Randomized Controlled Trial Ravi Kumar Gupta Anand Heggannavar
68 Assessment Of Gross Motor Development In Infants Of Age 6 To 18 Months With Protin Energy Malnutrition Using Alberta Infants Motor Scale – A Cross Sectional Study Amruta.A. Kulkarni Deepa metgud
69 Effect Of Balance Training On Dynamic Stability & Functional Independence In Visually Disabled Children – A Randomized Controled Trial. Charugundla Sravani Deepa metgud
70 Effects Of A Handwriting Program On Legibility & Speed Of Writing In Primary School Children Of Belgaum City Fernandes Nisha Suchita Snehal dharmayat
71 Establishment Of Limb Dominance In Children – An Observational Study In Belgaum City Smita K.C Snehal dharmayat
72 Comparative Study Between Mat, Swiss Ball And Theraband Exercises On Abdominal Girth Aarti Welling Peeyoosha n
73 Comparative Study Between Calisthenic, Proprioceptive And Conventional Exercises On Proprioception And Function In Chronic Osteoarthritis Of Knee – Rct Rajlakshmi Naik Peeyoosha n
74 Efficacy Of Mulligans Two Leg Rotation And Bent Leg Raise Techniques In Hamstring Flexibility In Subjects With Acute Non – Specific Low Back Pain – Randomized Clinical Trial Pratik Phansopkar Vijay Kage
75 Effectiveness Of Kinesio Taping As An Adjunct To Maitland Mobilization In Subjects With Primary Adhesive Capsulitis – A Randomized Clinical Trial Rakhi Ratnam Vijay Kage
76 Effect Of Cognitive Therapy And Balance Training On Balance In Elderly Raje Aprurva Suresh Sanjiv Kumar
77 Effect Of Task Oriented Training Vs Pnf For Knee Muscle On Functional Performance Of Knee In Stroke – Randomized Clinical Trial Shiva Prasad Tiwari Sanjiv Kumar
78 A Comparative Study On The Effect Of Compelled Body Weight Shift Therapy And Modified Constraint Induced Movement Therapy On Weight Bearing Symmetry And Balance In Stroke Patients Siddharth Mishra Jeba Chitra
79 A Study On The Effectiveness Of Modified Constraint Induced Movement Therapy And Mirror Therapy On Sitting Balance And Upper Limb Function In Stroke Patients – A Randomized Clinical Trial. Tenzing Norbu Lama Jeba Chitra
80 Prevalence Of Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders In Helmet Factory Workers – An Ergonomic Analysis Aarati Ganachari Sanjiv Kumar
81 Effect Of Inspiratory Muscle Training On Pft Parameters & Quality Of Life On Geriatric Population – A Randomized Control Trial Arpita.G. Rao Ganesh B.R.
82 A Study To Compare The Effect Of Supported & Unsupported Upper Extremity Endurance Training On Quality Of Life In Patients With Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Dishita. A.Kadam Ganesh B.R.
83 The Effect Of Papworth Method Of Breathing & Pursed Lip Breathing As A Method To Reduce Dyspnoea And Anxiety In Hospitalized Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients – A Comparative Study Runella D’souza Renu pattanshetty
84 Myocardial Work During Chair Aerobics As Low Intensity Exercise Training In Post Cabg Patients Through Phase I Cardiac Rehabilitation – A Clinical Trial Shaili Thapa Renu pattanshetty
85 Effect Of Resistance Tube Exercises On Kicking Accuracy, Vertical Jump And 40  Yard Technical Test In Competitive Football Players – An Experimental Study. Alekhya Tirumala Basavaraj Motimath
86 Forward Head Posture Correction Versus Shoulder Stabilization Exercises Effect On Scapular Dyskinesia And Shoulder Proprioception In Athletes – An Experimental Study Deep Mala Thakur Basavaraj Motimath
87 Comparison Of Open And Closed Kinematic Chain Exercises For Sick Scapula In Competitive Overhead Athltes For 3 Weeks – A Randomized Clinical Trial. Neelam Patel Anil muragod
88 Effetcs Of Lower Extremity Strengthening On Upper Extremity Performance In Competitive Tennis Players – An Experimental Study Vishakha Patil Anil muragod
89 Effect Of Pelvic Floor Muscle Training & Life Style Modifications On Depression & Quality Of Life In Pre Menopausal Women With Urinary Incontinence Farah Manoocheri Arati mahishale
90 Effect Of Birth Ball Intervention On Pain & Self Efficacy In Active Stage Of Labor In Indian Based Tertiary Care Centre – A Randomized Controlled Trial. Lume Pereira Antonyna Maria Ulorica Arati mahishale
91 Effect Of Phonophoresis Using Ilex Paraguariensis Gel As An Adjunct To Myofascial Release And Positional Release Technique In Acute Trapezitis – A Comparative Study Ramya Kapila Santosh Metgud
92 Effect Of Mulligan’s Mwm Versus Macquarie Injury Management Group (Mimg) Protocol In Osteoarthritis Of Knee: A Randomized Clinical Trial Swathi Kandada Anand Heggannavar
93 Plyometric And Balance Training For Hearing Impaired Children Manisha Sharma Snehal dharmayat
94 Relationship Of Static And Dynamic Balance With Fundamental Motor Skills In Children With Visual Impairments – A Cross Sectional Study Radhika Honap Deepametgud
95 Effect Of Bowen Thechnique On Subjects With Lumbar Prolapsed Intervertebral Disc With Radiculopathy: Randomized Controlled Trial Rajpreet Bindra Vijay Kage
96 Combined Effect Of Shakers Exercise With Kinesio Taping In Subjects With Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Tanvi.S.


Peeyoosha nitsure
97 Effect Of Strength And Balance Training On Balance And Risk Of Fall In Chemotherapy – Induced Peripheral Neuropathy: An Experimental Study Jorida Fernandes Sanjiv Kumar
98 Effect Of Wobble Board With Mirror Feedback And Libra Balance Computer Gaming System For Balance And Gait Training In Geriatric Population – A Comparative Study Gaurav. C.Mhaske Sanjiv Kumar
99 A Comparative Study On The Effctiveness Of Core Stability Exercise And Pelvic Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation On Balance And Gait In Hemiparetic Patients: A Randomized Clinical Trial Rishabh Sharan Jeba Chitra
100 Immediate Effect Of Abdominal Exercises On Haemodynamic Responces In Healthy Young Adults – An Experimental Study Swanandi.S.


Ganesh. B.R.
101 Effect Of Contract – Relax Method For Pelvic Floor Muscles On Perineal Pain And Healing Following Vaginal Delivery With Episiotomy – A Randomized Controlled Trial. Joyner  Mesquita Arati mahishale
102 Screening Of Urinary Incontinence In Female Athletes – An Observational Study Avani Pal Arati mahishale
103 Active Release Technique V/S Rolfing Method Using Pain Pressure Threshold, Copenhagen Neck Pain Disability Scale, Neck Pain Disability Scale In Subjects With Trapezitis – A Randomized Controlled Trail Lisa Antonia Ferreira Santosh Metgud
104 Low Velocity Osteopathic Type Of Mobilization Versus Muscle Energy Technique In Treatment Of Non-Specific Neck Pain – A Randomized Clinical Trail Kawde Shashank Ashok Santosh Metgud
105 Compare The Effect Of Tibio Femoral Traction Mobilization And A Unique Sustained Method On Pain, Rom And Physical Function In Patients With Knee Stiffness – A Randomized Clinical Trail Kale Ankita Prakash Anand Heggannavar
106 Assessment Of Static And Dynamic Balance In Overweight And Obese Children With And Without Flatfoot – A Cross Sectional Study Pallavi Sharma Deepa metgud
107 Comparision Of The Effect Of Music Therapy In Lo9w Nbirth Weight And Very Low Birth Weight Infants In Nicu On Weight, Physiological Parameters And Behavioural State – An Experimental Study Kalvit Apeksha Mahesh Deepa metgud
108 Relationship Of Visual Motor Skills With Hand Writing In Primary School Children Of Belagavi City Isha Ravi Saptarshi Snehal dharmayat
109 Effect Of Weight And Non-Weight Bearing Quadriceps Exercises On Patellofemoral Pain, Quadriceps Strength And Functional Ability – A Randomized Clinical Trail Kolukula Saitej Vijay Kage
110 Posterior Pelvic Tilt Kinesio Taping In Subjects With Sacro Iliac Joint Dysfunction – A Randomized Clinical Trail Pamela Virgil D’silva Vijay Kage
111 Apophyseal Glides Versus Mckenzie Approach In The Treatment Of Cervicogenic Headache – A Randomized Clinical Trail Kothri  Neha Khushalchand Peeyoosha nitsure
112 Effectiveness Of Kinesio Taping For Hand On Grip Strength And Upper Limb Function In Subjects With Cervical Radiculopathy – A Randomized Conrolled Trail Prabhu Shruti Uday Peeyoosha nitsure
113 Effect Of Auditory Cueing, Foam Hurdle Crossing With Eyes Closed On Balance And Quality Of Life In Geriatric Population – An Experimental Study Syed Asif Basha Sanjiv Kumar
114 Effect Of Binaural Music Therapy With Jacobson’s Relaxation Technoque On Stress, Anxiety And Quality Of Life In Cancer Patients – A Randomized Controlled Trail Reddy Sharada Sanjiv Kumar
115 Effect Of Brunnstrom’s Movement Therapy Versus Mirror Therapy On Lower Extremity Motor Recovery And Mobility In Patients With Stroke – A Randomized Controlled Trail Das Rohit Jayanta Jeba Chitra
116 Effect Of Bed Cycle Ergometer Versus Stan Protocol On Fatigue Level And Quality Of Life In Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy – A Randomized Clinical Trail Shetty Suchit Sadanand Jeba Chitra
117 Effect Of Mental Imagery Therapy Versus Progressive Muscle Relaxation Therapy On Tension Headache – A Randomized Clinical Trail Salma Mahrukh Anil murgud
118 Impact Of A Moderate Intensity Intermittent Aerobic Exercise Training With Progressive Relaxation Technique On Physiological And Psychological Variables In Indian Cancer Patients – An Experimental Study Chopde Ceona Prakash Renu pattenshetty
119 Determining An Appropriate Breast Feeding Position On Efficacy And Breast Feeding Satisfaction In Mothers With Vaginal Delivery And Caesarean Section – A Randomized Clinical Trail Sudini Santosh Sinai Borkar Arati mahishale
120 Effectiveness Of A Structured Physical Activity Program On Postpartum Depression And Quality Of Life – A Randomized Controlled Trail Jahnvi Ashoak Kumar Bhatt Arati mahishale
121 Influence Of Janda’s Short Foot Exercises On Intrinsic Muscle Strength And Balance – An Experimental Study Deshpande Mudra Sanjay Basavraj Motimath
122 Effect Of Thoracic Spine Distraction Thrust Versus Upper Thoracic Crossed Hand Manipulation In Mechanical Neck Pain: A Randomized Clinical Trial. Battula Laxmi Venkatakondaiah Anand Heggannavar
123 Comparative Effect Of Mobilization, Low Dye Taping And Faradic Foot Bath In Subjects With Flat Foot – Randomised Clinical Trial D’silva Charleen Cyril Santosh Metgud
124 Effect Of Using Janda’s Approach Of Muscle Crossed Syndrome On Hip Mobility In Individuals With Chronic Neck Pain. Kondal Supriya Praveen Santosh Metgud
125 Effectiveness Of Kinesio Taping And Rigid Taping On Plantar Fasciitis: A Randomized Clinical Trial. Preeti R Ramannavar Anand Heggannavar
126 Effect Of Mckenzie Method Of Mechanical Diagnosis And Therapy Versus Maitland Mobilization In Individuals With Stage Ii Adhesive Capsulitis: A Randomized Clinical Trial. Shruti Nagesh Naik Santosh Metgud
127 Efficacy Of Myofascial Release Technique On Anterior Chest Wall Muscles In Children With Restrictive Lung Diseases On Spirometric Parameters And Quality Of Life-A Randomized Controlled Trial Lecrissa Hyacinta Fernandes Deepa metgud
128 Influence  Of Strength And Proprioception Training On Functional Ankle Stability Among Young Skaters – An Experimental Study Priyanka Nareshkumar Mudaliar Snehal dharmayat
129 Efficacy Of Superwrap As A Therapy Adjunct On Balance,Gait Parameters In Cerebral Palsy-A Randomized Controlled Trial Ragini Dilip Malusare Deepa metgud
130 Effect Of Plyometrics And Strength Training On Speed, Agility, Strength And Power In Young Badminton Players Sangita Shrestha Snehal dharmayat
131 Comparative Effectiveness Of Lumbar Stabilization, Dynamic Strengthening And Pilates Exercises On Chronic Low Back Pain- A Randomized Clinical Trial Bhadauria Esha Avadhesh Peeyoosha gurudut
132 Effect Of Gross Myofascial Release Of Upper Limb And Neck In Subjects With Mechanical Neck Pain Referred To Upper Limb- Randomized Controlled Trial Gauns Sweta Vinayak


Peeyoosha gurudut
133 Effect Of Headache Snag Versus Cranial Base Release In Subjects With Cervicogenic Headache- A Randomized Clinical Trial Pavan Joshi


Vijay Kage
134 Comparison Of Ischaemic Compression, Myofascial Release And Bowen`S Technique In Non Specific Neck Pain- A Randomized Clinical Trial Pranata P Dalal Vijay Kage
135 Effect Of Brandt Daroff Habituation Exercises And Postural Stability Exercises On Postural Instability In Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo- A Randomized Clinical Trial Asmita Damodar Tari Sanjiv Kumar
136 Effect Of Scapular Pnf On Shoulder Pain, Range Of Motion And Upper Exteremity Function In Hemiplegic Subjects: A Randomized Controlled Trial Deepak Joshi Jeba Chitra
137 A Comparative  Study On The Effect Of Bobath And Pnf Technique On Trunk Control In Hemiplegic Subjects – A Randomized Clinical Trial Diker Dev Joshi Jeba Chitra
138 Dual-Task Net-Step Exercise Versus Balance Training Exercise Program On Foam Rubber Pad In Community-Based Older Adults: A Randomized Clinical Trial Bhodaji Satyam Sitaram Sanjiv Kumar
139 Treating Trismus Using Therabite Exercises And Progressive Muscle Relaxation In Reducing Treatment Related Symptoms And Emotional Adjustments In Cancer Patients During Hospitalization Phase- A Prospective Study. Saili Mahesh Amonkar Renu pattanshetty
140 Effect Of Core Muscle Strengthening On Roller Skating Speed In Competitive Teenage Skater – An Experimental Study Nabeel Ahammed P P Basavaraj Motimath
141 Effect Of Structured Abdominal Exercise Programme On Diastasis Of Rectus Abdominis Muscle In Post Partum Women –An Experimental Study. Dave Himani Kishorbhai Arati Mahishale
142 Effect Of Hydrotherapy Versus Balance Master Training To Improve Balance Risk Of Falls And Quality Of Life In Geriatric Population : A Randomized Clinical Trial Akhil Chandrababu A.K Anil R Muragod
143 Effect Of Maitland’s Compression Technique With Medial Guide Versus Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation With M2t Blade As An Adjunct To Mcconnell’s Taping And Exercises For Patellar Maltracking- A Randomized Clinical Trial Ms. Bindi S. Bharucha


Peeyoosha gurudut
144 Effect Of Mulligan’s Internal Rotational Glide Versus Maitland’s Anteroposterior Glide In Subjects With Tibiofemoral Osteoarthritis: A Randomized Clinical Trial Mr. Chougule Akshay Ashok


Santosh Metgud
145 Effect Of Neurodynamic Snags Versus Spinal Mobilization In Subjects With Cervical Radiculopathy- A Randomized Clinical Trial Ms. Kurode Shivani Dilip


Anand Heggannavar
146 Short Term Effect Of Primal Reflex Release Technique(Prrt) And Mulligan’s Taping Technique In Subjects With Plantar Fasciitis – A Randomized Controlled Trial Ms. Pai Mangala Pandharinath Lb0116004 Santosh Metgud
147 Short Term Effect Of Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization Technique (M2t Blade) Versus Mulligan’s Bent Leg Raise Technique In Asymptomatic Subjects With Hamstring Tightness- A Randomized Clinical Trial Ms. Radhika Chintamani


Santosh Metgud
148 Effect Of Mulligan Taping Technique As An Adjunct To Mulligan Mobilization Versus Manipulation In Anterior Innominate Dysfunction – Randomized Clinical Trial Ms. Ribeiro Saviola Gayle Clarissa


Anand Heggannavar
149 Comparison Of Mulligan’s Bent Leg Raise Versus Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization   (M2t) In Subjects With Hamstring Tightness In Non Specific Low Back Ache- A Randomized Clinical Trial Ms. Sanjana K S


Anand Heggannavar
150 Effect Of Agility Training Exercise In Overweight And Obese School Going Children. Mr. Subhadip Bera


Snehal dharmayat
151 Effect Of Follow Up Home Based Oromotor Stimulation On Breast Feeding Performance In Preterm Low Birth Weight Infants- A Randomized Control Trial Mr. Topkar Pushkar Arun


Deepa metgud
152 Effect Of Gross Myofascial Release Of Trunk With Lower Quarter Leg Pull Technique In Subjects With Low Back Pain With Radiculopathy On Trigger Points, Mobility And Function- A Randomized Clinical Trial Mr. Abey P Rajan


Peeyoosha gurudut
153 Effect Of Mcconnell’s Taping Versus Kinesiotaping As An Adjunct To Mulligan’s Movement With Mobilization In Subjects With Adhesive Capsulitis- A Randomized Clinical Trial Ms. Gayatri Udayshankar Gurav


Vijay Kage
154 Effect Of Gong’s Mobilization Versus Mckenzie’s Technique In Subjects With Cervical Spondylosis With Cervical Radiculopathy- A Randomized Clinical Trial Mr. Kalekar Rohan Shirish


Vijay Kage
155 Effect Of Therapeutic Ultrasound Versus Shortwave Diathermy With Suboccipital Release And Manual Drainage Technique In Chronic Sinusitis- A Randomized Clinical Trial Ms. Kalekar Sharon Shirish


Peeyoosha gurudut
156 A Comparative Study On The Effect Of Proprioceptive Based Training And Modified Constrained Induced Movement Therapy On Upper Limb Function In Subacute Hemiplegics- A Randomized Clinical Trail Ms. Daxini Dhara Ashok


Sanjiv Kumar
157 Effectiveness Of Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization(M2t Blade) On Upper Limb Spasticity And Function In Post Stroke Patients- A Pre-Post Experimental Design Ms. Deshpande Shruti Purushottam


Jeba Chitra
158 Effect Of Graded Motor Imagery For Motor Recovery In Lower Limb In Subjects With Hemiparesis After Stroke- A Randomized Controlled Trial Ms. Dhanya T M


Sanjiv Kumar
159 Effect Of Virtual Reality Head Mounted Device On Trunk Control In Stroke Survivors With Hemiplegia – A Randomized Clinical Trial Ms. Gomes Nathalia Anthony


Jeba Chitra
160 Effect Of Cognitive Rehabilitation For Mild Cognitive Impairment In Elderly With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus With Hypertension- An Experimental Study Ms. Pawar Sayali Prakash


Sanjiv Kumar
161 Comparison Of Short Term Effects Of Otago Exercise Program And Foam Rubber Pad Exercise On Balance And Fear Of Fall In Community Dwelling Older Adults-  A Randomized Clinical Trial Ms. Anija Jose


Deepa metgud
162 Correlation Of Nutritional Status And Global Developemental Delay In The Children Less Than 5 Years In Urban And Rural Areas Of Belgavi- An Observational Study Ms. Methe Archana Dadasaheb


Snehal dharmayat
163 Effect Of Lung Flute And Peak Flow Meter On Bronchial Hygiene, Pulmonary Function And Quality Of Life In Mild To Moderate Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases- A Randomized Clinical Trail Ms. Aarzu Bhavanagri Noorani


Ganesh B.R
164 Effect Of Manual Hyperinflation And Expiratory Ribcage Compression On Oxygenation,  Ventilation, Physiological Parameters And Airway Clearance In Mechanically Ventilated Patients-A Randomized Control Trial Ms. Goud Ananthlaxmi Ananthram


Ganesh B.R
165 Effect Of 4 Weeks Suboccipital  Muscle Inhibition Technique On Hamstring Tightness In Recreational Basketball Player- A Pre-Post Clinical Mr. Andrea Ramesh Hegde


Ganesh B.R
166 A Comparative Study On Dot Drill Training And Plyometric Training On Speed And Agility In Karate Players- A Randomized Clinical Trial Ms. Mahajan Manjiri Vivek


Jeba Chitra
167 Effect Of Rocktape On Speed Performance Time In Track Sprinters- A Pre-Post Experimental Study Ms. Melissa Pearl Luis


Basavaraj Motimath
168 Effect Of Sports Activity Dependent Antagonist Muscle Strengthening (Sadams) On Performance Parameters In Competitive Roller Skaters- An Experimental Study Mr. Nikam Prasannajit Pramod


Basavaraj Motimath
169 Effect Of Fifa 11+ Program On Agility And Hamstring Muscle Strength – A Randomized Controlled Trial. Mr. Palande Gaurav Ganesh


Basavaraj Motimath
170 Effectiveness Of M2t Soft Mobilizatioin In Subacute Trapezitis On Pain And Quality Of Life In Immediate Postpartum Women Ms. Kulkarni Manali Prasad


Arati mahishale
171 Effect Of Pelvic Floor Muscle Contraction In Three Different Positions On Urinary Incontinence In Gravid Women- A Randomized Clinical Trial Ms. Rafat Khalid Hussain Jamadar


Arati mahishale
172 Effect Of A Structured Exercise Programme On Pain And Quality Of Life In Adult Females With Cyclic Mastalgia – An Experimental Study Ms. Samruddhi Barve


Arati mahishale
173 Comparative Effect Of Foam Roller And M2t Blade On Hamstring Flexibility In Elderly Population- A Randomized Control Trial Ms. Tanvi Pathania Tara Singh


Anil murgod
174 Effect Of Music Therapy And Shoulder Exercises On The Shoulder Disability, Pain And Quality Of Life In Post-Operative Breast Cancer Patients – A Pre-Post Experimental Study Mr. Erohit Khanna


Renu pattanshetty
175 Effect Of Conventional Tens And Resisted Exercise Training On Shoulder Dysfunction In Head And Neck Cancer Survivors- A Pre-Post Experimental Study Ms. Moniz Caeteana Cacia


Renu pattanshetty