Nutrition awareness program 20/09/2018 Dr. Vishali Kittur Bamanwadi School
Tobacco Breaks Hearts 31/05/2018 Shaikh Central School, Shivbasav Nagar, Belagavi
Musculoskeletal disorders at work place, its prevention and management 28/04/2018 PTP CNC Toolings Pvt. Lmtd.
Importance of Physiotherapy, Diet, Nutrition, Hygiene and how to handle Pubertal Changes in Disable children 21/03/ 2017 Ankur School for Special Children
Early Physiotherapy Intervention for Premature Babies 21/11/ 2017 KLEs Dr. PKH & MRC
Water harvesting Awareness Program 22/03/ 2017 KIPT NSS Unit
Awareness Lecture 12/02/ 2016 KLEU Institute of Physiotherapy
Leprosy Awareness Program 30/01/ 2016 KLEU Institute of Physiotherapy
National Pulse Polio Immunization 17/01/2016 KLEU NSS
Physiotherapy Awareness 12/02/ 2016
Leprosy Awareness Programme 31/01/ 2013 Dr. B.R. Nilgar
Stroke Awareness Programme & Exhibition on stroke awareness 29/10/2012 Dr.A.S.Godhi, Dr.Saroja A.O. & Dr.Raviraj Ghorpade
Leprosy Awareness Programme 31/01/ 2012 Dr.S.T. Kalasad, Dr. Manjunathswami
Polio Awareness Programme 16/05/2011 Mr.Suresh Hangi
Stroke Awareness Programme 18/03/ 2011 Dr.Mahanshetty
Leprosy Awareness 31/01/2011 Dr. Jeba Chitra
Mental Health-An Awareness to a Healthy Professional 2/09/ 2010 Dr. Sameer Chate
Polio Awareness Prpgramme 13/05/2010 Sanjay Patil
Stroke Awareness Programme 17/02/2010 – 19/02/2010 KIPT
Public Awareness 10/01/2005 By Internees
1 Participated In National Pulse Polio Immunization KLEU Nss 17th January 2016 365
2 Leprosy Awareness Program KLEU Institute Of Physiotherapy 30th January 2016
3 Awareness Lecture KLEU Institute Of Physiotherapy 12th February 2016
4 Water Harvesting Awareness Program Kipt Nss Unit 22nd March 2017 300
5 Early Physiotherapy Intervention For Premature Babies KLEs Drpkh & Mrc 21st November 2017 35
6 Awareness Program On Importance Of Physiotherapy, Diet; Nutrition, Hygiene And How To Handle Pubertal Changes In Disable Children Ankur School for Special Children 21st March 2017 40
7 Musculoskeletal Disorders At Work Place, Its Prevention And Management Ptp Cnc Toolings Private Limited, Belgavi 28th April 2018 35
8 Tobacco Breaks Hearts Shaikh Central School, Shivbasav Nagar, Belagavi 31st May 2018 10