Disability Evaluation Camp 15th – 19th June  2010 Kinaye 240
Physiotherapy Evaluation & Treatment Camp for school children (NRHM Project) 21st to 26th June 2010 Taluka places of Sindhudurg district 105
Physiotherapy Evaluation & Treatment Camp 30th July 2010 Sant Bastwad 58
CBR Camp 23rd – 28th August 2010 Macche 450
Free physiotherapy camp for Chikungunya patients 17th Sept- 5th October 2010 Kinaye 43
Stroke Treatment Camp 18th October- 1st December, 2010 KLE PK H MRC 26
Orthopedic free Physiotherapy camp 7th – 9th Dec 2010 Tergundi Polyclinic, Belgaum 78
Free Physiotherapy camp on low back ache 17th – 22nd January 2011 Uchagaov 360
Free physiotherapy camp 8th Sept 2011 KLES Poly clinic and Kankanwadi Ayurveda college 150
20 days Yoga camp 27th April to 17th May 2012 KIPT 40
Free physiotherapy LASER camp 21/09/2012 for 4 days KIPT 25
Meditation & Relaxation for Hypertensive Patients 26/11/2012 to 1st Dec 2012 KIPT 24
Yoga Camp 4 consecutive Sundays December 2012 KIPT 40
Free PT treatment & Check Up Camp 17th March 2013 Govt. Hospital, Yaragatti 35
Check up Camp on Menopausal women 21/11/2013 KLE Hosp 52
Screening Camp on Premenstrual Syndrome &Dysmenorrhea 28/11/2013 KLE Nursing college students 110
Screening Camp and lecture on Musculoskeletal Disorders for Industrial workers 13/12/2013 HLL Factory, Kanagala 110
Free Treatment camp was organized for HLL workers for 3 days May for 3 days HLL Factory, Kanagala 75
Incontinence Camp 19th November 2014 KLEUIPT, RLS College- Belagavi 40 females were screened
Free osteoarthritis screening and treatment camp 20th Jan 2015 Gharkul, Rakkaskoppa, Benkanhalli, Belagavi 70
Camp for prosthesis for 20 amputees 19/10/2015 KIPT 14
Obesity screening camp 5th and 6th November 2015 Love Dale Central School, MM extension, Belagavi 164
Free Physiotherapy Camp 8 Nov 2015 Marihal Belagavi 55
Centenary camp 08 nov 2015 Mahalingapur 16
Centenary camp 02 DEC 2015 Chandagad 97
Free Physiotherapy Camp 30th Dec 2015 Science centre shivbasava nagar Belagavi 20
Centenary camp 09 Jan 2016 Khanapur 35
Free Physiotherapy Camp 13th Jan 2016 KLE Cancer hospital, Ashok nagar Belagavi 15
Free Physiotherapy Camp 15th Feb 2016 BAR association, Belagavi 74
Centenary camp 21st Feb 2016 Shirol 25
Centenary free camp at Nandgadh 26th March 2016 Nandgadh 49
Centenary camp 03 March 2016 Halihal 27
Centenary camp 03 May 2016 Joida 39
Free Physiotherapy Camp 5th May 2016 Sales tax office Belagavi 07
Centenary camp 07th May 2016 Doddawad 03
Diabetic summer camp 23rd May 2016 KLEUIPT 96
Free Physiotherapy camp 14 of June 2016 INDO SCHOTTLE AUTO PARTS PVT. LTD. Industrial Area, Honaga, Belagavi 195
Centenary camp 15-06-2016 Sambra Airforce Station 27

Screening Of Cyclic Mastalgia And Dysmenorrhoea And Its Impact On Quality Of Life In Teenager Girls 13th January 2017 St Joseph’s Convent High School, Belagavi
Free Physiotherapy Camp For Postmenopausal Women 9th And 10th January 2017 KLES Prabhakar Kore Hospital And MRC By Department Of OBG Physiotherapy 65
Blood Donation Camp 11th February 2017 Red Cross Unit/Nss Of Kipt In The Institute 52
National Integration Camp 13th To 19th February 2017 Karnataka State Women’s University, Vijaypura 5
Annual Mega Camp 27th February To 5th March 2017 Nss Unit Of Kipt At Sulaga Village 200
Musculoskeletal Screening And Treatment Camp For All Residents Of Ex-Army People 30th March 2017 NeelkantanviharBenkanhalli 45
Musculoskeletal Screening And Treatment Camp 3 April 2017 B T Patil &Sons P B Road Belagavi 40
Free Physiotherapy Camp 12th And 13th May 2017 Zilla Panchayat Marcel Village, South Goa
Physiotherapy And Hearing Impairment- Free Evaluation And Treatment Camp 8th September 2017 Kalpavriksha Old Age Home 30
Jamkhandi Camp 16th September 2017 Jamkhandi 70
First Aid And Physiotherapy Services To 20thVtu Inter-Collegiate Athletic Meet 3rd - 6th November, 2017 VTU 400
Mega Free Medical Camp 6th December 2017 Chikodi 58
Free Physiotherapy Screening Camp 14th December 2017 VTU- Belagavi 87
Free Physiotherapy Treatment And Screening Camp 15 December 2017 Rukmini NagarUrban Health Center 30
Free Physiotherapy Treatment 13th January 2016 KLE Cancer Hospital, Ashok Nagar, Belagavi 20
Free Physiotherapy Treatment 15th February 2016 SamudhayaBhavan, Of Belagavi Bar Association Advocates 76
Physiotherapy Centenary Camp Organized 21st February 2016 Shirole, Maharashtra 25
Physiotherapy Centenary Camp Physiotherapy Centenary Camp Nandgad 49
Diabetic Summer Camp 13th May 2016 KLE’S Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital- Belagavi 96
Free Physiotherapy Camp 14th June 2016 INDO SCHOTTLE AUTO PARTS PVT. LTD. Industrial Area, Honaga 100
Physiotherapy Centenary Camp 22th July 2016 Ainapur 101
Physiotherapy Centenary Camp 1st Aug 2016 Ankali 75
Physiotherapy Centenary Camp 17th September 2016 Mundgod 36
Free Physiotherapy Osteoarthritis Screening And Treatment Camp 3rd And 4th Nov 2016 Kangrali Belagavi 110